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Slaughterhouse back in business

The West Yorkshire slaughterhouse at the centre of the horsemeat scandal is back in business this evening. The abattoir in Todmorden which was raided by food standards inspectors and police has been allowed to operate again three weeks after it was shut down.

It was suspected of selling horsemeat and passing it off as beef that would eventually end up in kebabs and burgers. Jon hill reports from Todmorden.


Burgers back on school dinner menus in Sheffield

Burgers are back on the school dinner menu

Burgers are back on school dinner menus in Sheffield - after tests didn't uncover a single trace of horse DNA.

Sheffield Council and school meals contractor Taylor Shaw banned all processed meats from school dinners two weeks ago following the national scandal about traces of horse meat being found in beef products.

Testing has since shown no traces of horse meat in any food - halal and non-halal - served to Sheffield's school children. In future, all burgers will be made from freshly-sourced local meat.

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