Boxer's troll battle

Former footballer turned professional boxer Curtis Woodhouse has been hailed a 'hero' after driving to the home of a Twitter troll.

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Curtis Woodhouse: Twitter troll apologises

Now, last night the footballer turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse was with us in the studio to talk about his run in with someone who had abused him on Twitter for months.

Curtis - known as the Driffield Destroyer - decided enough was enough, turned up in his tormentor's street hoping to meet him, didn't, but today he did come face to face with the so-called internet troll on national television.


Why boxer Curtis turned detective

Curtis Woodhouse has told how he hunted down the person who'd repeatedly abused him on twitter because "enough was enough". The ex-footballer turned boxer said the sick troll had targetted him and his family up to four times a week over the past seven or eight months.

Curtis said he'd put out a "twitter bounty" on his tormentor, asking for his address, and received this within minutes. It was only when he arrived in his street that the man posting the abusive comments realised he was serious. Here Curtis talks to Calendar's Duncan and Christine.

Curtis "retired for four or five hours!"

Driffield boxer Curtis Woodhouse has laughed off his announced "retirement" following Friday night's defeat by Shane Singleton. The ex-England Under 21 player made the announcement after losing his English light-welterweight title to Singleton. He told Calendar's Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot:

I retired for probably about four or five hours but I'm back, yes, definitely, I was just upset about the way things had gone but I've slept on it and I'm fine now.

– Curtis Woodhouse

His manager Dave Coldwell said he had made an offer for a rematch, suggesting June 1st in Manchester after an earlier date was said to be too soon - but was still waiting for an answer.

The manager has said that he is happy with the money that we've offered so if the fight doesn't happen it's the kid that doesn't want to take the fight which not many fighters will turn down fights for good money but let's see if he does or not."