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Icy cliffs above Whitby

A water spout which is meant to trickle over the 300 foot high cliffs a few miles north of Whitby has been blown back on itself instead by the ferocious winds. As each drop of water lands, it freezes and covers the otherwise snow-free fields and hedgerows with a carpet of ice several inches thick.

Frozen wonderland on the East Coast

frozen stile on the Cleveland Way near Whitby Credit: Jon Hill

The east coast has escaped the worst of the snow that has blanketed the Pennines, but a freak combination of geography and the freezing weather has transformed a stretch of the Cleveland Way long distance footpath near Whitby into a mini ice wonderland.

Even a stile on the footpath has been frozen into a fantastical ice sculpture. The ice field covers an area roughly the size of a tennis court. But walkers - or even tennis players - would be well advised to watch their step. A sheer drop, just a few feet away, awaits the unwary.


Too cold - even for a sheepdog

Too cold even for a sheepdog! Credit: Sam Colbert

Do I have to go out again? ..... Nancy the sheepdog asks nine year old owner Sam Colbert.

farmer working throughout the night Credit: Penny Sheard

It's been a tough week for farmers in the region, one caught on camera here working throughout the night to clear a route to his farm at Johnny Gap above Hebden Bridge.


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