Diabetes dog

A six year old girl from Doncaster is the youngest in the country to have a dog who is trained to alert her before she has a hypoglycaemic attack

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Video: Meet the Labrador turned life-saver

Meet the pet Labrador who is proving to be not only man's best friend - but also a life-saver to a young girl who has diabetes. Six year old Alena Hughes relies on her dog Maisie to tell her if she's in danger of falling into a coma.

Maisie was trained for a year by charity volunteers who help people with life-threatening health conditions. David Hirst reports.

Diabetes dog could save child's life

Alena Hughes from Doncaster with her labrador Maisie Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Six year old diabetic Alena Hughes cuddles her pet Labrador Maisie who is more than just a good friend. The dog gives early warning signs when Alena's blood sugar drops dangerously low by either licking or nudging Alena. Her parents say it could mean the difference between life and death.


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