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The city of Lincoln council budget will be approved today

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It's being claimed that parks in Lincoln could become "no-go" areas if plans are approved to scrap the 'Urban Rangers' who police them.

A final decision on the future of the Rangers is being made at a budget meeting this evening, as the council attempts to save nearly a million pounds. But residents say scrapping the team will lead to more drug use, vandalism and crime. Kate Hemingway reports.


Council say government funding is to blame for cuts

The City of Lincoln council says its being forced to make front line cuts because of drastically reduced Government funding.

The leader of the council says he's also angry about the situation - given that he helped set up the Rangers just a few years ago.

"This is a direct consequence of cuts in Government grant. It means that excellent services like the Urban Rangers service are going to be affected. We can't make that scale of savings without services being affected."

– Cllr Ric Metcalfe - Leader of the City Council

Future of "Urban Rangers" under threat

The future of "Urban Rangers" will be decided at a meeting in Lincoln tonight, as the city council attempts to save nearly one million pounds from its budget. The Rangers, who patrol around 60 green spaces across Lincoln are used to help keep things like anti-social behaviour under control.

Council bosses are deciding whether to withdraw the service, along with that of the Commons Warden. Withdrawal of both services would save the council around 500 thousand pounds over five years.


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