Mum angry after toddler "smacked"

A mum from Lincolnshire who says her daughter was smacked by a shop assistant says her apology "doesn't go far enough".

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"Smacked" toddler's mum: "incident should never have happened"

Angela Cropley and her daughter

A mother from Lincolnshire who says her daughter was "smacked" in a shop in Spalding says the apology from the shop does not go far enough.

Angela Cropley was asking for advice at the counter in Boots in Hall Place, holding her eight-month-old son.

As her three-year-old daughter Lora played, she knocked items off one of the shelves. At this point an assistant "smacked" her and "told her she was naughty". The store say she was "tapped" - but have sent a letter of apology.

Ms Cropley said: “After I complained, the manager phoned saying the staff member said it was a tap not a smack and he wouldn’t be taking it any further. I said, ‘I don’t care what she called what she did, I never gave her permission to lay a hand on my daughter.’

“From the moment I met the manager, he treated me like I was after some financial reward, when all I wanted was an apology.”

Later, Angela received a letter signed by the staff member and the manager, claiming the actions “were only a gesture of empathy for your daughter”.

Ms Cropley says she isn't satisfied with the apology - as it did not admit that the incident should never have happened.

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