Child pageant mag launched

A mother from Lincolnshire whose two children take part in beauty pageants is launching what's believed to be the country's first magazine on the events.

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Mum says beauty pageants give children confidence

Tia Woodall dressed as a snow queen Credit: Leanne Woodall

Leanne Woodall says she has noticed her daughter Tia's confidence increase in the two years since she began attending beauty pageants.

A bright outfit with feathers for Tia Woodall Credit: Leanne Woodall

Leanne hopes that the new magazine she is launching in July will encourage more families to get involved in the competitions, giving them the same benefits she has seen in her own children.

Tia Woodall strikes a pose at a beauty pageant Credit: Leanne Woodall

Lincoln mother launches new child pageant magazine

A mother from Lincoln, whose two children are regulars at beauty pageants, is starting what is believed to be the country's first magazine dedicated to the events. Leanne Woodall plans to publish Sparkle Girlz in July, aimed at contestants of all ages.

Leanne's 10 year old daughter is already a regular at the events and now her two year old daughter has also started taking part in the competitions. She hopes the magazine will change critics' negative views of the events which she says are becoming more and more popular among children.


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