Food bank demand rises

The Trussell Trust charity says over 10,000 people in Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire have received at least three days' emergency food handouts during the last 12 months - that's triple the amount than in the previous year.

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Rise in use of foodbanks is 'wake-up call to the nation'

The Trussell Trust says the number of people turning to them for help was a "wake-up call to the nation". The charity claims the impact of welfare reforms that came into force this month has already sparked an increase in numbers passing through their doors.

  • Of those helped over the last year 126,889 were children and most recipients were working-age families
  • 30% of people helped were referred as a result of benefit delays
  • 15% because of benefit changes
  • Overall, the charity helped nearly 100,000 more people than it had anticipated

Source: The Trussell Trust


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Oxfam fears rise in foodbank use is 'tip of the iceberg'

Oxfam's Director of UK Poverty, Chris Johnes, has warned that welfare reforms could tip even more people into food poverty:

These shocking figures show that a perfect storm of spiralling living costs, lack of decent, secure jobs and benefit changes are making it impossible for many people to feed themselves or their families.

It's clear there is a massive hole in the safety net when so many more people are being forced to rely on emergency food handouts.

We are worried this could be just the tip of the iceberg as changes to the welfare system already in the pipeline could rip apart the safety net with devastating consequences for those who rely on it.

– Chris Johnes, oxfam
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