Guide Dog puppies

A training exercise for Guide Dog puppies has been carried out at Leeds Bradford Airport.

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Guide Dog puppies' big day out

Holidaymakers at Leeds Bradford Airport may have spotted some unusual passengers making their way through the departure lounge today.

A team of trainee guide dog puppies have been put through their paces at the airport. It's all part of their training schedule before they graduate to full guide dog status. Sally Simpson reports.

Guide Dog puppy training

Five puppies attended the training event at Leeds Bradford Airport, with ages ranging from 3 to 8 months. Some of the more advanced puppies were taken through the check in and security procedures to explore the recently developed terminal.

The pups were accompanied by their very special volunteer puppy walkers, who play a vital role in preparing the pups for their future as an assistance dog from a young age.

The thing which is often hardest to achieve is keeping the pups calm in all sorts of situations. The airport provides an excellent setting for this, as it is a microcosm of many of the things that a guide dog could expect to encounter in its life. There are lots of people (that the pups need to ignore), new noises, announcements, and obstacles such as trolleys and wheeled suitcases, as well as different floor surfaces, lifts and stairs. We are very grateful to the staff and passengers at Leeds Bradford Airport for being so accommodating.

– Nicola Morgan, puppy training manager from the Leeds Guide Dog Mobility team


Guide Dog pups go to the airport

The puppies in training Credit: Calendar

A litter of Guide Dogs puppies are at Leeds Bradford Airport today as part of their training.

The terminal is an ideal venue for group to encounter many of the obstacles that they will need to deal with in their day-to-day when they become fully fleged Guide Dogs.

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