Miraculous escape

Watch the video which shows builder Jake Weir from Lincolnshire's miraculous escape after a garage collapsed on him.

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Builder thanks medical staff who saved his leg after accident

A builder from Lincolnshire says he's lucky to be alive after a garage he was demolishing collapsed on top of him.

Jake Weir from Spalding says he owes everything to the medical staff who treated him, especially those who helped to save his leg from being amputated.

Amazingly the moment the building fell down was captured on camera, because the customer who owned the garage was filming at the time. You may find some of the pictures in Kate Hemingway's report upsetting.

Man nearly killed when garage collapses: pictures

The X-ray immediately after Jake Weir's operation

After the garage Jake Weir was working on collapsed on top of him, he thought he might have to have his leg amputated.

Despite severe injuries to his back and leg, Jake has recovered extremely quickly and can even walk unaided.

He and his wife say they owe everything to the team of medical staff who treated him - particularly his consultant in Nottingham who saved his leg.

Three days after Jake's operation
Jake recovering well in hospital


Miraculous escape for builder

The moment the garage collapses Credit: YouTube

Builder Jake Weir from Spalding had a miraculous escape when the garage he was demolishing collapsed on top of him. The incident was caught on video, this was the moment the structure collapsed, seconds later it fell on Jack, trapping him underneath.

He had to dig himself out of a pile of bricks and concrete and was badly injured. But he now wants to thank the medical staff who have helped him on the road to recovery.**


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