122mph speeding biker sentenced

A biker who tried to avoid a 122mph speeding conviction has been sentenced to 8 months in prison.

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'Accomplished liar' failed to avoid 122mph speeding conviction

Andrew Kelly tried to avoid being convicted for speeding at 122mph by using an internet motoring advice forum. He bragged to forum users about his plans to lie to the police about speeding by pretending a man called 'Richard' had taken his bike out for a test ride.

Unbelievably Kelly published his intention to lie about who was riding his motorbike on the internet. When forum users spoke of their disgust at his dishonesty, he then bragged to them about how he had lied in the past and got away with not paying for a parking ticket.

Our investigation also revealed that Kelly had a history of failing to comply with statutory documentation and a complete disregard for road safety. He tried to portray himself as a simple mechanic who was poor at paperwork, but in reality, he is an accomplished liar.

He continued to lie during police interviews and only when presented with overwhelming evidence through his seized clothing, did he admit to being the rider of the bike.

This case sends a very clear message that we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that those who put lives in danger on our roads are brought to justice.”

– Traffic Constable Zoe Billings, North Yorkshire Police

122mph biker who lied to police about speeding sentenced to 8 months

122mph speeding

A motorcyclist who persistently lied to police despite being caught speeding at 122mph has been sentenced to 8 months in prison. 37-year-old Andrew Kelly from Pudsey tried to find advice online about how to avoid prosecution for speeding.

He told police that a man called 'Richard' had been riding his bike at the time of the offence, then pretended that the diary with 'Richard's' details in had been stolen.

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