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Ministers face pressure from Hull MP Diana Johnson to resolve an impasse over flood insurance as a summer deadline quickly approaches.

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Calls for changes to flood insurance

A Yorkshire MP is calling for more protection for potential flood victims in the region. It comes as a deal which guarantees cover for homes prone to flooding, is due to end next month. But one proposal from insurers could leave the rest of us paying higher premiums as Sarah Clark reports.

Campaign for insurance deal for flood-risk areas

A Yorkshire MP is calling for the government to ensure residents living in high risk flooding areas are not left without insurance.

MP Mary Creagh, who is also the Shadow Environment Secretary, was speaking at a flooding conference in York. Currently a deal between the Government and insurance companies means properties prone to flooding are guaranteed to get cover.

It's due to stop in June when it's feared insurance costs could rocket. Matt Cullen from the Association of British Insurers believes there is a solution.


York residents' fears over 'unaffordable' flood insurance

Flooding under discussion

Delegates at a conference in York are discussing ways of securing affordable insurance against flooding for residents. Premiums could rise next month unless ministers strike a deal with insurance firms.

Residents say they fear if an agreement isn't found, they won't be able to afford insurance and at worst that the couldn't sell their homes.

Ministers face pressure over flood insurance

Ministers today faced fresh pressure to resolve an impasse over flood insurance as a summer deadline quickly approaches.

Labour MP Diana Johnson (Kingston upon Hull North) said her constituents had no idea if they would be able to secure their homes after July.

An agreement with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) expires in July and without it property owners may find it difficult or impossible to secure insurance.

She said:

There was nothing in the Budget and there has been nothing in the Queen's Speech about flood insurance.

We are in the final weeks of the statement of principles. My constituents are getting very worried about getting flood insurance come July.

Can we have a statement from the Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Owen Paterson) about exactly what is happening and why it is such a shambles getting a coherent policy from July?

– Diana Johnson MP, Hull North

Answering at business questions, Commons leader Andrew Lansley said:

You will know... we are in negotiations with the ABI. What you should have noted in the Queen's Speech yesterday was the intention to bring forward legislation relating to the water industry.

We are very clear we will take the legislative provisions necessary in this session to support not only the reform of the water industry, giving greater resilience to it, promoting greater competition, and proving the framework for flood insurance in the future.

– Andrew Lansley MP
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