Bereaved mum heads to Crete for murder trial

The mother of Chelsea Hyndman is flying to Crete today, hoping to find out how her daughter died.

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Mother's plea for justice

The trial of Luke Walker, who's accused of murdering his girlfriend Chelsea Hyndman from Castleford on the holiday island of Crete, is due to take place next week.

While he denies the charge, Chelsea's mother says she just wants answers - and justice for her daughter. Grace Melody-Gardner reports.


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Murder accused's father talks about return to Crete

Patrick Walker has told ITV News Central that he feels 'sick' at the thought of returning to the island of Crete for the trial of his son.

Luke Walker, from the Black Country, is accused of killing his girlfriend Chelsea Hyndman in May 2010.

Luke spent two and a half years in a Greek jail but was bailed in October 2012.

His father says the costly trial has left the family in debt.

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