Grimsby 'bedroom tax' rally

A protest rally is being held in Grimsby against the Government's so-called 'bedroom tax'

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Full report: Grimsby 'bedroom tax' protest

Dozens of people have attended a protest in Grimsby against the Government's so called 'Bedroom Tax'. The event was organised by a new group associated with the union Unite.

Those affected by the recent Government changes to housing benefits now have to pay around 14 pounds a week extra if they have spare bedrooms, or move. Kate Hemingway reports.


Rally to fight 'bedroom tax' in Grimsby

Protestors against the Government's so-called 'bedroom tax' are holding a rally in Grimsby. It has been organised as part of a campaign by Unite Community, a new scheme launched by the Unite Union.

The rally is being held as a public display of the frustration and anger felt by union members, who say people are being made 'victims' with the introduction of the new tax.

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