Pony shot with crossbow

A pony is fighting back to fitness after thugs brutally shot her in the face with a 20-inch crossbow bolt. Bambi, a 10-year-old Welsh pony, was shot in the nose with a bolt which went four inches deep into her sinus.

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Shot pony: owners "horrified"

Bambi recovering well after being shot Credit: rossparry.co.uk

Bambi, who was shot with a crossbow in Barnsley, was spotted by a member of the public on Monday at around 7pm.

RPSCA Inspector Joanne Taylor was not able to get near Bambi without causing her further distress.

A note was left for the owners, and they returned to the field later that evening - they managed to catch Bambi and she was examined again by a vet and the arrow was cropped.

She was taken to the Churchfield Veterinary Centre's equine unit at Penistone the next day.

Bambi was x-rayed and the arrow had four inches deep into her sinus. It was removed and her puncture wound stitched up.

Her owners, who do not wish to be named, said they were horrified by what had happened.

RSPCA inspector Taylor said: "This was horrific and deliberate act of animal cruelty on a defenceless animal.

"The arrow had caused Bambi so much distress, every time she moved she banged it causing her more pain and it really unnerved her, you could tell she was terrified by what had happened."


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