"Bedroom Tax" protest

A protest has been held in Barnsley against the so-called "bedroom tax"

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Government responds to council tax protests

Council tax has fallen by almost 10% in real-terms under this Government. We took unprecedented steps to deliver three years of council tax freeze support for residents. This is in stark contrast to the doubling of council tax under Labour.

Labour councils also have the worse council tax collection rates so shadow ministers should be focusing on getting Labour councils to up their game.

– Communities and Local Government spokesperson

"Bedroom tax" protest

Protestors have taken to the steps of Sheffield magistrates court to campaign against the so-called "bedroom tax".

Protest in Sheffield

Today's demonstration follows yesterday's protest in Barnsley about the Government's controversial changes to housing benefits which means tenants with a spare room will have the amount they're awarded cut by 14 per cent.

It's been revealed that councils across our region are starting to prosecute tenants who fail to pay their council tax.


Protesting against "bedroom tax"

Protestors took to the steps of Barnsley Magistrates court today campaigning against the so-called "bedroom tax".

It's a change to housing benefits which will mean tenants with a spare room will have the amount they're awarded cut by fourteen per cent.

Two or more spare rooms and it's cut by twenty five per cent. Many people who say they can therefore no longer afford council tax were summoned to court today.

For Natalie Batley it means she has fifty-five pounds less per month. She and her eleven year old daughter face eviction from their three-bedroom house.

Bedroom Tax protest

Campaigners set up outside Barnsley Magistrates today in protest at the so-called "bedroom tax"

Barnsley Council have summoned more than 5,000 people to court so far this year - and more than half of those have been affected by "bedroom tax".

New rules mean those tenants deemed to have one spare bedroom have 15 per cent of their housing benefit cut. For two or more spare bedrooms, it's 25 per cent.

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