Weight warning to pregnant women

A warning has been issued to women of the dangers of putting on too much weight whilst pregnant. It comes as the health minister visited a pioneering clinic in Doncaster set up to tackle the problem.

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Scheme helps mums-to-be control their weight

Latest research shows expectant mothers who put on too much weight during pregnancy are putting themselves and their babies at risk of serious complications.

Today the health minister Anna Soubry was in Doncaster to see the results of a scheme aimed at helping women with a high BMI to control their weight and protect themselves from harm.


Health minister visits pioneering mother-to-be clinic

Health Minister Anna Soubry MP is visiting a pioneering clinic at Doncaster Royal Infirmary which helps mothers-to-be who are struggling with weight issues.

The clinic, which was launched three years ago, supports women who are overweight to maintain their healthy eating habits. Women who have a BMI (Body mass index)of over 30 are considered to be very overweight which can pose risks for the mother and baby.

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