Cemetery tributes row

A row has broken out about leaving flowers at a cemetery in Leeds. A grieving man has been told his tributes will be binned due to council rules.

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Cemetery row: full report

A grieving son wants Leeds City council to change its policy on leaving tributes in cemeteries after the flowers he placed on his mother's grave were removed.

Glenn Worsnop marked the anniversary of her death by placing flowers on her memorial at Lawnswood Cemetery. But when he visited the site they - along with other family's tributes - had been dumped. Helen Steel reports.


Leeds Council cemetery "code of conduct"

Leeds City Council say they ensure people sign a "code of conduct" before a relative's memorial is placed there.

Here is some of the wording, which applies to all cemeteries in Leeds.

The whole of the grave surface will be turfed flat.


No memorial will be allowed other than a perpendicular headstone with, if desired, a sunken vase at its foot for flowers. Such a memorial must be provided and maintained by the Grave Owner and must receive the approval of the Council before being fixed. The use of bottles, jam jars or other glass vases is strictly prohibited.

No memorial shall exceed four feet in height, three feet in width, or one foot eight inches in depth (1200mm x 900mm x 500mm).

Cemetery row: "you're upsetting a lot of people"

Glenn and Becki Worsnop, visiting Glenn's mother's memorial

Glenn Worsnop had laid flowers at his mother's memorial at Lawnswood Cemetery in Leeds - but when he revisited the site with his daughter, they had been removed.

He says he found them dumped in bins around the edge of the cemetery.

The council say they have a "code of conduct" which states people cannot lay flowers and tributes at memorials - unless in special holders at certain points along the path.

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