Yorkshire Day

Ay up, it's Yorkshire Day! Across the region, people are having a do to celebrate life in 'God's Own Country'. Ee, by gum...

Live updates

New version of Ilkley Moor Baht 'At released

The organisation that promotes tourism in Yorkshire has released a newly recorded version of the region's famous anthem Ilkley Moor Baht 'At to raise money for charity.

The musical celebration, commissioned by Welcome to Yorkshire, features a rap by Brian Blessed as well as performances from Lesley Garrett, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, X Factor singer and Yorkshire Regiment soldier Jonjo Kerr and singer/songwriter Alistair Griffin.


Officials re-hang upside-down Yorkshire flag

Officials at the Department for Communities and Local Government in London have now corrected the upside-down Yorkshire flag which has been outside their building for several hours in honour of Yorkshire Day. Displaying the emblem the wrong way up can be seen as a sign of distress.

In a statement the staff at the Government office were keen to point out that the flag had been placed on the pole incorrectly by accident and there was no cause for alarm:

Clearly a Lancastrian official got hold of the flag this morning. Normal service has been resumed, and the Yorkshire Flag is now flying proudly alongside the United Kingdom’s Union flag.

– Spokesperson, Department for Communities and Local Government

Bungling officials fly Yorkshire flag upside down in London

Officials at the Department for Communities and Local Government have bungled their attempt at honouring Yorkshire Day by flying the area's famous white rose flag upside down, traditionally a signal of distress. The flag was hoisted earlier to mark Yorkshire Day.

The Yorkshire flag flown upside down at a government building in London Credit: ITV News

The Yorkshire Ridings Society explains on its website that the heraldic rose of Yorkshire can be used either way up, but the traditional way of flying the flag is with one white petal to the top, rather than two.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles earlier released a statement about the flying of the flag and the day's celebrations saying "It gives me immense pleasure to see the flag of the county of my birth, Yorkshire, raised to celebrate Yorkshire Day."


Yorkshire Day: more pics from Skipton

Skipton town centre at a standstill as the parade moves down the main street. Those marching are on their way to a special church service. Credit: ITV
This driver is keeping their car cool from the sun on Yorkshire Day.
More than 200 mayors marching through Skipton for Yorkshire Day. It's the biggest such gathering of local dignitaries ever. Credit: ITV

Yorkshire Day celebrations in Skipton

Local dignitaries are boarding a flotilla of boats in Skipton ahead of a procession through the town. Credit: ITV
A brass band is kicking off Yorkshire Day celebrations in Skipton with a rendition of On Ilkla Moor Baht 'At. Credit: ITV
Heading the flotilla, 'Dalesman'. Credit: ITV

Headed by 'Dalesman', a flotilla of boats is making its way down the canal in Skipton carrying local dignitaries and guests for the procession around the town.

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