Hull City propose name change

Hull City owner Assem Allam plans to change the name of the club to Hull Tigers

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Rewriting the history book: Will the Hull Tigers roar?

Steeped in more than a century of history, Hull City is about to embark on one of its most important seasons. But it seems it has gone out of it's way to annoy thousands of it's fans.

The owners of Hull City have got rid of the club's official name - dumping AFC - and replacing it with Tigers.

It's outraged many supporters and is being called a cynical business move. But the club reckons the new brand name will attract new interest in Hull from around the world. James Webster reports.

Hull City: "supporters remain free to refer to the club as they wish"

Hull City has released a statement about its new name.

In response to comments made following a recent interview, the Club would like to clarify its formal identity.

The business name at Companies House had its ‘Association FootballClub’ suffix removed in the spring of this year, leaving the club to be named ‘Hull City Tigers Ltd’. This will now be used in official club statements, regarding any of our commercial operations.

The Tigers brand, with its powerful imagery, will be used in international markets to attract new interest and attention in both Hull and the East Riding from a worldwide audience.

As has always been the case, supporters remain free to refer to the club as they wish, whether that be Hull City, City, Tigers, Black and Amber, or indeed any other variant of the Club’s name. For many, the Club will continue to be known as Hull City, as it has been from its inception.

A new badge, to be used from the 2014/15 season, will be designed and created in consultation with fans over the coming months.

– Hull City statement


Your comments on Hull City name change

Football fans have been getting in touch on the Calendar Facebook page to express their views on Hull City AFC changing its name to Hull City Tigers.

  • Greg Bennett says, "As a Hull fan myself I am disgusted in the name change. It's been Hull City AFC since 1904, why the change? It's been good enough for 109 years."
  • Graeme Beck says, "Sounds more like a rugby club than a football club. And you know other clubs' supporters are going to take the rip out of them."
  • Chris Medwell says, "A sad day for football."
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