Hospital brain damage payout

An 8 year old girl has been awarded a multi-million pounds payout from a Leeds hospital after complications during her birth left her brain damage

Brain damaged daughter can become 'the best she can be'

The parents of an 8 year old girl from Leeds who has been awarded a multi-million pound payout after complications at birth left her brain damaged say the money will help her become 'the best she can be'.

Solicitors for Ruby Curtis won her more than £6 million from St James's Hospital in Leeds to pay for her care after staff errors there meant her brain was starved of oxygen in labour.

Lisa and Steve Curtis say the money will go towards "care, support, therapy and specialist equipment and technology that she needs to maximise her independence."


Solicitor: Hospital 'was negligent' over brain damage birth

The solicitor in the case of an 8 year old girl who's been awarded a multi million pounds payout after suffering brain damage at birth says her condition could have been avoided had hospital staff reacted quicker.

Ruby Curtis, now has cerebral palsy after complications meant her brain was starved of oxygen during labour. She's now been awarded a £3 million lump sum by St James's Hospital in Leeds as well as annual payments for the rest of her life to fund her care. Rachelle Mahapatra represented the family.

Hospital 'sorry' for mistakes that led to child's brain damage

A West Yorkshire Hospital trust which has agreed a multi-million pound settlement to an 8 year old girl who was brain damaged during birth have apologised for the mistakes in labour.

Ruby Curtis has been awarded a £3million lump sum and will receive money every year for the rest of her life to pay for her care. Serious complications while she was being born, which staff at St James's Hospital failed to recognise, left her starved of oxygen.

We would like to apologise for the mistakes that occurred during the birth of Ruby and to reassure her family that we have learned lessons from what happened.

We echo the sentiments heard in court today, praising the dedication and devotion Ruby's parents have shown her throughout her life.

– Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Parents call brain-damaged daughter an "inspiration"

Ruby Curtis
Ruby Curtis now has cerebral palsy after being brain damaged during birth at St James's Hospital in Leeds Credit: Irwin Mitchell

The parents of a youngster from Leeds who has received a multimillion-pound pay-out from a hospital after she suffered brain damage following complications during her birth have said their daughter is an "inspiration".

Eight year old Ruby Curtis has received a £2.95m lump sum from St James's Hospital with further annual payments to provide care and equipment, therapy and support at school.

The family's law firm Irwin Mitchell said Ruby suffers from cerebral palsy which was caused by staff failures during her birth at St James's Hospital in Leeds in 2005.

Ruby's mother, Lisa Curtis, from Garforth, was at the hospital in August 2005 when her uterus ruptured and, according to Irwin Mitchell, there was a failure to recognise that this serious complication had occurred. As a result, Ruby was starved of oxygen, causing the irreparable brain damage.