Child sex offence teacher jailed

Richard Arthur Oldham will spend six months in prison for a string of child sex offences. He worked at three primary schools in the York area.

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Report: Teacher jailed for child sex abuse

A teacher from York who sexually abused two of his pupils and filmed others as they got changed for swimming lessons has been jailed for six months.

Richard Oldham was well known and respected in local schools but for eight years he lived a shocking double life - teaching hundreds of the city's children while secretly abusing boys and harbouring depraved sexual fantasies.

One charity which supports the victims of the abuse called the sentence 'catastrophically lenient'. Jon Hill reports.

Teacher filmed pupils as they changed for swimming lessons

A primary school teacher who filmed children as they changed for swimming

lessons has been jailed for six months.

But a judge said he was confident Richard Oldham, 32, was "man enough" to

wrestle his demons as he sentenced him at Leeds Crown Court.

Oldham admitted taking the footage on his mobile phone when he was a teacher in


He also admitted touching two pupils inappropriately and possessing hundreds of

indecent images of children on his computer.

"It's a loss to the community. Good teachers are not a rare commodity but when they're found they should be treasured."

– Judge Rodney Jameson at Leeds Crown Court


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