Teachers walk out on strike

More than a thousand schools across our region are closed or partially closed because of a strike by teachers over pay, pensions and working conditions

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Full report: Teacher's strike affects thousands of families

Thousands of children were forced to stay away from school today as their teachers walked out on strike. The row over pay, pensions and conditions caused a headache for many parents who had to take the day off work.

But while teachers accepted the inconvenience of their actions, they refused to apologise for taking a stand against the government's plans for changes to education. Kate Walby reports.



Teachers' strike: Your thoughts

Darren Clegg says: "Good luck to the teachers. The only issue I have is why parents are 'fined' to take their children out of school, but its ok for schools to close classrooms as they decide."

Tracy Carr contacted Calendar to say: "Can you imagine if all the nurses walked out over pay and pensions?! And in my humble option they are the ones who should receive the highest pay and pension out of any of the public working sectors!"

And James Rookes said: "Schools and government moan about children been in school is important. Funny that I have to kids of school and there education will suffer is they keep striking so who is thinking of the kids now ?????"

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