Warning over attempted abductions

Police in Calderdale are warning parents and their children to be vigilant after a number of reports of attempted abductions.

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Warning after attempted abductions

Schools in Calderdale are being warned to be on their guard after two attempted child abductions. Police are hunting for a man in a white van in connection with both incidents.

The attempts to lure children off the streets of Halifax happened just a couple of miles apart on Tuesday night. Officers say they're now investigating reports of other attempted abductions in the area. Matt Price reports.

Pupils warned over reports of attempt abductions

West Yorkshire Police have written to schools in Calderdale following a number of reported attempted abductions of children. In the latest, a nine-year-old girl was grabbed by a man and led to his vehicle in the Mixenden area of Halifax but she managed to struggle free.

Police say there's been a number of other reports of vehicles containing suspicious men seemingly signalling or speaking to young children across the Halifax area over the last two weeks. These reports are being investigated, not all are believed to be linked.

A spokesperson said that whilst most of these reports have been shown to be false alarms, police want to encourage parents to maintain vigilance over their children’s safety and to report any incidents that concern them directly to the police.

Calderdale police wanted to reassure the public that they are working with specialist police teams to investigate these current reports and maintain a visible presence in the local communities affected.

It is a prudent time to remind children of the ‘stranger – danger’ message, and local officers will be reinforcing this message during their normal engagement activities in their areas. Calderdale remains a safe place to live and genuine incidents of this nature are thankfully extremely rare.

– Calderdale police


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