Cycling deaths and injuries up

As the region gears up for next year's Tour De France, figures released today reveal a startling twelve percent increase in road deaths and injuries from cycling in the last few months.

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New figures: Cyclists placed in 'more danger'

As the region counts down to hosting the Tour de France, it seems that more people are taking to the roads on two wheels than ever before. Sadly new figures show they've also never been placed in greater danger.

The Department for Transport says that while more of us have been encouraged to ride, improvements in road safety haven't been increased to match. It comes as a rising number of road users are recording their journeys to show just how dangerous it can be.


New statistics show rise in number of cyclist casualties

As the region gears up for next year's Tour De France, figure released today reveal a startling 12% increase in road injuries and deaths from cycling recently. Despite being encouraged to get on bikes, cyclists say that increased investment in cycle lanes does not match the take up in the sport.

Today's figures show that 3070 cyclists were hurt and even killed in the last quarter. A problem that has left many cyclists recording their journeys as an insurance policy against what they claim is reckless driving by motorists.

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