Thatcher Bank Holiday?

MPs will debate a private member's bill in Parliament this afternoon to rename the August Bank Holiday Margaret Thatcher Day.

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A Bank Holiday named after Margaret Thatcher?

The thorny issue of should the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher have a bank holiday named in her honour headed back to the Commons today. The Iron Lady died earlier this year but her passing stirred up mixed emotions in this part of the world.

Baroness Thatcher is seen by many as the head of a government which destroyed many mining communities.Chris Kiddey reports.


Margaret Thatcher Day Bill - second reading

The campaign for the annual Bank Holiday Monday in late August to be known as Margaret Thatcher Day will be debated in Parliament again this afternoon.

The Bill is sponsored by Conservative MP Peter Bone. The Wellingborough MP was a staunch supporter of Baroness Thatcher who was brought up as Margaret Roberts in Grantham.

She was the first and so far only female British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 and Conservative Party leader from 1975.

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