Hero stops runaway bus

A Huddersfield man has been hailed as a hero after he brought a runaway bus under control when it's driver blacked out.

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Huddersfield man stops runaway bus

A Huddersfield man has been praised for stopping a runaway bus when the single decker careered down a hill after the driver collapsed at the wheel.

Stephen Turner jumped up from his seat and grabbed the steering wheel to stop the bus heading into oncoming traffic.

It ended up on a grass verge but thankfully no one was injured as Calendar's Chris Kiddey reports.


"Hero" passenger stops runaway bus

Stephen Turner & his wife Janice Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A bus passenger has been describing how he steered the vehicle to safety after the driver collapsed at the wheel as he drove down a hill in Huddersfield.

Stephen Turner was on board the single decker with his wife Janice when the driver slumped in his seat on Almondbury Bank.

Stephen jumped up from his seat, leant over the driver and grabbed the steering wheel as the bus picked up speed.

He steered the bus towards some trees at the side of the road, turning it away from a telegraph pole before it eventually came to a halt.

Stephen, who works in a local engineering factory, said, "When I think back to what could have happened it was pretty scary. At the time did not really have time to think about it."

It is understood the driver involved was detained overnight in hospital for observations. An investigation into the incident is underway.

Martijn Gilbert, business director for the bus company, Yorkshire Tiger said " We can't thank the quick acting passenger enough for their actions on Saturday. When our driver took ill the passenger did a great job in steering the bus to safety".

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