Garage where man was "kept as slave" burned down

The garage of a house in Sheffield where a man with learning difficulties was falsely imprisoned has been firebombed. The Rooke family pleaded guilty to keeping 34-year-old Craig Kinsella "like a slave".

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Slave garage vandalism: full report

The home where a 34-year-old man was forced to live like a slave has been vandalised again, this time the garage where he was forced to live was set on fire.

Earlier this week the house, in Sheffield, had its windows put through after three members of the family who put Craig Kinsella through his horrendous ordeal were sent to jail. You may find some of the footage in Martin Fisher's report upsetting.

Crime boss plans to raise awareness of human trafficking

PCC for West Yorkshire want to raise awareness of human trafficking Credit: ITV Calendar

The Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire has spoken out about the need for raised awareness around human trafficking.

Mark Burns-Williamson was speaking after the court case this week where three members of the Rooke family were jailed after forcing a vulnerable man to work for them for up to 17 hours a day.

The case was heard at Sheffield Crown Court, but Mr Burns-Williamson said that an event looking into the scale of human trafficking across West Yorkshire would be organised in the near future, aimed at educating people about the signs to look out for if they fear someone is being trafficked.

Human trafficking can include forced labour, or services, domestic servitude, sexual offences and other forms of exploitation.


Father of "slave" is human trafficking expert

Nick Kinsella Credit: ITV Calendar

It's been revealed that the father of Craig Kinsella, who was beaten and imprisoned by a family in Sheffield, is a leading anti-slavery expert.

Nick Kinsella, who used to be the boss of the UK's Human Trafficking Centre, adopted the 34-year-old when he was 12.

The retired Detective Chief Superintendent also ran a series of successful undercover stings, which saw 252 people – 25 of them children – rescued from human-trafficking gangs.

Mr Kinsella says he was completely unaware of what was happening to Craig at the hands of the Rooke family.

Neighbour describes scene of garage blaze

A resident living near the house where The Rooke family imprisoned a man with learning difficulties said:

"It was just after ten and my husband was driving past and he saw the house was on fire. He got home and told me.

"We went out the back and had a look and it must have been really on fire because we could see the flames.

"We didn't know if anyone had called the fire brigade so we were just about to but then they turned up and we left it at that because we had found out what had been going on there from the news.

"It's been a real shock to everyone."

Sheffield 'slave' garage set alight last night

The garage at the Sheffield house where 34-year-old Craig Kinsella was kept as a slave was set on fire last night.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service say they attended the blaze after a call at 10.15pm last night.

The garage - which is detached from the main house - was well alight when they arrived. It took just under two hours to bring the fire under control and cool cylinders which were lying nearby. There was no damage to the main house or any adjoining property.


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Neighbour: 'Slave' case has made us want to move

A neighbour of the family in Sheffield who have been jailed after treating a vulnerable man like a slave said the case has made him consider moving away from the area he has lived in for decades.

The house in Sheffield where a man was kept 'like a slave' has been boarded up after an attack by vandals. Credit: PA

Retired newsagent Raymond Hall, aged 79, told the The Sheffield Star: “It is horrendous. We’ve been thinking about moving and we were here 40 years. I can’t believe that one family can cause so much havoc.”

The paper said that people have contacted it to offer their help to the victim Craig Kinsella, 34, who was found with extensive injuries sustained in "horrific attacks" by the family of ice-cream sellers.

Vandals target home of "slave" family

Vandals have targeted the home of the Sheffield family who treated a man with learning difficulties as their slave.

The house of jailed David Rooke, wife Donna and their son Jamie on Halifax Road, Parson Cross, was attacked last night. Windows were smashed on the property and vehicles.

Yesterday Sheffield Crown Court heard that the Rookes beat vulnerable victim Craig Kinsella. They forced him to live in a garage and work 15 hours a day unpaid.

Police officers have been at the property today.

Rooke ordered to pay £15,000 to slavery victim

The judge ordered David Rooke to pay Mr Kinsella £15,000 that police found in cash in his home.

Judge Kelson said: "Quite clearly this in no way reflects the pain and suffering inflicted on Craig Kinsella but it's better than nothing."

CCTV images show Rooke beating Kinsella Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Speaking outside court, Detective Inspector Vicky Short, from South Yorkshire Police, said her officers could easily have been investigating a murder.

Ms Short said: "The physical and mental abuse meted out by the Rooke family on a highly vulnerable man plumbed the depths of depravity.

"David, Donna and Jamie Rooke abused Mr Kinsella for their own pleasure until his spirit and will to stand up for himself and fight back was crushed.

"It is hard to understand how any human being could treat an individual in such a grotesque, callous and inhuman manner.

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