Savile investigation prompts big rise in sexual offences reported

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show there has been a 65% rise in the number of sexual offences reported to West Yorkshire Police. This is being put down to historic cases following the start of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

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Crime figures down but concerns exist over their trustworthiness

There are claims that we're safer now than we've been for decades, with crime at its lowest level since figures were recorded back in the early 80s.

The latest numbers show a further drop in reported crime across our region. But there are concerns about whether we trust them .It's just days since police forces were stripped of an official "gold standard" mark by the statistic watchdog because of claims the figures are being fiddled.

Today South Yorkshire Police invited news cameras to join them at the start of three-day operation to bring people to justice in Rotherham, as a way of showing they have a grip on crime in the town. David Hirst reports.

Lincolnshire crime falls by 10%

Latest figures show that crime in Lincolnshire has fallen by 10%.

The results showed an average reduction of 4% across England and Wales with Lincolnshire showing the 2nd biggest reduction.

But Chief Constable Neil Rhodes says it's people that matter - not percentages.

I think that the most important thing for the people of Lincolnshire is that our Officers are really tuned in to providing a good quality of service to the public and that they understand that it's people that matter, not statistics. But behind each recorded crime is a victim, and I am very proud of the efforts of Lincolnshire Officers in reducing the number of victims in our County as reflected in the figures published today.

– Chief Constable Neil Rhodes, Lincolnshire Police


5% drop in North Yorkshire crime

Latest figures show crime has dropped by 5% in North Yorkshire with 1593 fewer victims.

The Office of National Statistics’ Crime in England and Wales report - for the 12 month period ending in September 2013 – shows a 5% drop in crime in the county.

This amounts to 1593 fewer victims of crime.

  • Robbery has been reduced by 6% - with 8 fewer victims compared to the same period last year
  • Burglary has been reduced by 5% - with 238 fewer victims
  • Vehicle crime has been reduced by 16% - with 428 fewer victims
  • Theft from a person has been reduced by 10% - with 51 fewer victims
  • Cycle theft has been reduced by 4% - with 56 fewer victims
  • Violence with injury has been reduced by 4% with 136 fewer victims.
  • Criminal damage and arson has been reduced by 9% with 533 fewer victims
  • Drug offences have been reduced by 9% - with 157 fewer crimes
  • Possession of offensive weapons have been reduced by 24% - with 39 fewer crimes

Reports of sexual offences have increased by 20%, which is regarded as an indication that victims have growing confidence to come forward to the police.

The reduction in crime in North Yorkshire is testament to the dedicated work of the policing teams and the strong community partnerships right across the county.

We are very proud to be recognised as the safest place in England and, together with the Police and Crime Commissioner, I am fully committed to maintaining the fight against crime and increasing the safety and quality of life for residents.

– Chief Constable Dave Jones, North Yorkshire Police

Humberside Police record crime drop

Overall crime in the Humberside Police area fell by 1% in the 12 months to September 2013 compared to the previous 12 months (436 fewer offences).

However, there have been increases in violence without injury offences (up 21%), sexual offences (up 15%), burglaries (domestic up 3% and non-domestic up 17%) and shoplifting (up 9%)

There have been reductions in violence with injury (down 4%), vehicle offences (down 6%), theft from the person (down 10%) and criminal damage & arson (down 6%).

It is good news that overall crime has fallen slightly reflecting the continued effort of Humberside Police and our partners to reduce crime. We are conscious that some categories of crime have shown increases, notably shoplifting and violence without injury. We have been working hard with retailers to bring a fresh approach to tackling shoplifting by deterring known shoplifters from stealing before they enter stores, which is producing good results.

In relation to violent crime without injury, it seems in common with other forces the good summer resulted in some of the increase, as alcohol related violence tends to increase in hot weather. We have continued to crack down firmly on violence especially in our town and city centres with successful initiatives such as the purple flag scheme.

A recent independent review of violent crime in Humberside by the College of Policing has complimented the force for the high ethical standards of our recording of violent crime and concludes that strong levels of public confidence that we will act positively to reports of violent crime have also affected reported violent crime figures.

– Deputy Chief Constable David Griffin, Humberside Police

Crime down 3% in South Yorkshire but rises in sexual offences and robbery

Crime in South Yorkshire is down 3% according to the latest national statistics out today, but there have been rises relating to violent crime, robbery and sexual offences.There were 3,117 fewer crimes across the county from October 2012 to September 2013 compared with the previous 12 months.

Some of the biggest reductions were recorded in possession of weapons (-11%), criminal damage and arson (-9%) and drug offences (-11%).

Violent crime went up 1% and robbery rose by 27%.

It’s positive that overall crime continues to fall in South Yorkshire but that’s no comfort to those who have been the victim of a criminal act.South Yorkshire Police is committed to reducing the vulnerability of all victims but particularly those most at risk. Whether violence is in the home or in a public place, the Force is dedicated to working with our partners to identify the early indications of vulnerability so that victims are protected and offenders punished.

– Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt

Sexual offences have also increased (+26%) comparing October 2012 to September 2013 with the previous year.

This is a positive indication that victims are more willing to ask the police and other agencies for help. The Force has announced several measures in the last year to address the particular issue of child sexual exploitation, thanks largely to a £500,000 investment from the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner. These measures include the implementation of dedicated CSE teams that are now in place across the county, and the training of 1,700 frontline officers in how to identify the warning signs of CSE and what safeguarding action they can take.

– Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt
  1. National

Police recorded 3.7m offences in year to September

Police recorded 3.7 million offences in the year to September 2013

Police recorded 3.7 million offences in the year to September 2013, a decrease of 3% compared with the previous year, the Office for National Statistics has said.

However, police-recorded crime figures were last week stripped of an official "gold standard" mark by the statistics watchdog amid mounting concern they were being "fiddled" by police.

These are the first batch of statistics to be published since the UK Statistics Authority removed the National Statistics designation from all crime data recorded by the police.


Breakdown of crime figures for West Yorkshire

  • Total Crime- dropped by 4%- reduction of 6152
  • Domestic Burglary- dropped by 12%- reduction of 1727
  • Non Domestic Burglary- dropped by 7%- reduction of 1077
  • Robbery- dropped by 13 %- reduction of 298
  • Criminal Damage/ Arson- dropped by 8%- reduction of 2162
  • Drug Offences- dropped by 13%- reduction of 956
  • Possession of Offensive Weapon- dropped by 9%- reduction of 64
  • Public Order Offences- dropped by 4%- reduction of 213
  • Other Theft Offences- dropped by 11%- reduction of 3270
  • Vehicle Offences- Remained the same
  • Bicycle Theft- Increased by 4%- rise of 88
  • Shoplifting- Increased by 12% - rise of 1510
  • Violence Against the Person- Increased by 2%- rise of 445
  • Sexual offences- Increased by 65%- rise of 1168
  • Drug Offences- dropped by 13%- reduction of 956

Jimmy Savile inquiry prompts big rise in sexual offences reported

Figures released by West Yorkshire Police show there has been a 65% rise in the number of sexual offences reported to them over the last year. It is thought largely to be down to historic cases reported to them following the start of the investigation into Jimmy Savile's victims.

Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for the 12 months leading to September 2013 shows crime fell by 4% in the county compared to 3% nationally.

I am pleased that overall crime continues to fall significantly throughout West Yorkshire, with greater reductions than the national average. Colleagues, partners and communities have worked hard together to achieve these results, with notable success in key areas.

The rise in sexual offences, is driven by high profile, historic sexual offence cases which have led a number of victims to come forward. This is a positive outcome for all, meaning many vulnerable victims can now receive the full support and justice outcome they so deserve, with many victims being now able to report offences that happened years ago, for the first time. I would continue to urge and encourage such victims to keep coming forward and report these matters directly to us or through a third party.

– Mark Gilmore, Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police

He also adds the rise is in part due to investing in how they record this type of crime and a campaign to encourage young victims to come forward.

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