NASA send video response to Wakefield boy

A four-year old from Wakefield got the surprise of his life when he sent a video to NASA asking for help on his space project, and got a response.

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How Lucas's video caught attention of NASA's Ted

When four-year-old Lucas Whiteley sent NASA a video with questions about space, he couldn't have predicted the response he got. Engineer Ted Garbeff recorded a ten minute video answering Lucas' questions.

We caught up with Ted, who works in California, and he told us how Lucas's video had captured his imagination enough to reply. He also had a special message for Lucas and his classmates who got a very special space lesson in school.


Forget the text books, just ask NASA

When four-year-old Lucas Whiteley from Wakefield was given a school project, he didn't bother with text books or even his teachers.

Together with his dad James, he wrote down questions, filmed them, and sent the video to NASA. And a few days later, an engineer called Ted sent an in-depth video explaining everything. Here, Lucas tells us the questions he asked:


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