5th anniversary of Claudia Lawrence's disappearance

It is five years since Claudia Lawrence disappeared on her way home from work at the University of York. To mark the anniversary and appeal for further information about her whereabouts, her family is organising events all week.

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Missing Claudia's mother retraces her daughter's steps

The mother of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence, who was last seen five years ago today. has marked the anniversary of her disappearance by walking the route that her daughter should have taken to work the day after she was last seen.

The route goes from Claudia's house in Heworth, along a normally busy main road to the University about 3 miles away. Christine Talbot joined Joan Lawrence as, for the first time, she walked in the footsteps its thought Claudia may have taken that day five years ago.

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Missing Claudia Lawrence's mother walks the way her daughter should have taken to work - but never arrived

The mother of missing Claudia Lawrence has walked the route her daughter should have taken to work on the day she was reported missing.

Claudia was last seen on CCTV heading home from work at the University of York on March 18th, 2009. The following day she was reported missing after she failed to turn up at work.

Exactly five years on, Joan Lawrence left her daughter's house in Heworth, York, for an emotional journey along what may have been Claudia's final steps.

Julie Harrison reports.


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