Lincolnshire police catch runaway Emu on a roundabout

Police have apprehended a runaway bird causing traffic chaos in Lincolnshire

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Police pick up runaway ostrich

Behind bars - ostrich captured after causing travel chaos Credit: Lincolnshire Police

A runaway ostrich caused traffic chaos in the middle of Coningsby this morning at 7.30 when it took up residence on a roundabout in the middle of the village. The police were called and a patrol car responded and the officers captured the ostrich.

PC Tom Harrison with his latest arrest Credit: Lincolnshire Police

They called for a police van to take it away but one wasn't available so the officers took the bird into custody and transported it to nearby Tattershall Farm Park in their patrol car.

One officer drove while the other sat in the back with the ostrich.

No hard feelings Credit: Lincolnshire Police
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