Hundreds of schools close for teachers' strike

Thousands of pupils across the region are being told to stay at home today as teachers strike for the second time in just under six months.

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Teachers strike divides opinions

Teachers across the region have been on strike today, forcing hundreds of schools to close.

The dispute has divided opinion with a poll by ITV News saying that just over half of those interviewed opposed today's walkout by the National Union of Teachers.

The union said the strike, over pay, pensions and conditions, was a "last resort". But it was condemned by the government which said it won't give in to the NUT's demands.

From Sheffield, David Hirst reports.

Teachers strike across the region

Thousands of teachers across our region who are taking strike action for a second time in under six months.

In Sheffield today, more than 600 members of the National Union of Teachers took to the streets over pay, pensions and conditions. Around 220 schools have been closed across North, South and West Yorkshire with hundreds more partially closed down.

Teachers say that one of the issues they're striking over is an increased workload, but the Schools Minister, David Laws MP, says the strikes aren't sensible.


Leeds teachers' picket line

Teachers in Leeds have gathered to form a picket line as they strike over pay, pensions and work conditions.

Teachers gathered in Leeds to strike
The NUT called the strike over pay, pensions and conditions

Hundreds of schools across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been closed, affecting many pupils and their families.

Teacher morale "dangerously low"

The secretary of Bradford NUT, John Howarth, has apologised to parents affected by today's strike - but says he hopes they will support the teachers' action.

Teacher workload is unsustainable and the thought of doing the job until 68 is driving many away from the job. Teacher morale is at dangerously low levels. Children need teachers who are fresh and well motivated not tired and demoralised. All the polls show that Michael Gove is out of touch with teachers and parents - he must listen and change direction. This strike is his fault - teachers do not like taking strike action but they are prepared to lose pay to stand up for education. We do apologise for the inconvenience to parents but we hope they will support us.

– Bradford NUT Secretary, John Howarth

Hundreds of schools close during teachers' strike

Second strike by teachers Credit: Calendar news

Hundreds of schools in the region will either close or partially close today as teachers take strike action for the second time in just under six months.

In Lincolnshire just six schools will fully close, whilst 63 will shut their doors in South Yorkshire and 11 in East Yorkshire as teachers strike over workloads, performance related pay and unfair pension changes.

Around 250 schools will close in West, South and North Yorkshire, with at least another 460 partially closing in a move which will affect thousands of pupils.

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