Joy and heartache for imprisoned soldiers' families

Two former soldiers from the region held in an Indian prison since October have left jail this morning after a long battle by lawyers and their families to free them. One from the York area is still in prison.

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Ray Tindall's family speak of relief after his release from prison in India

The family of a former soldier from Hull have spoken of their relief after he was finally released from an Indian prison - six months after being locked up.

Ray Tindall was working on a ship protecting other vessels from pirate attacks when he was arrested and accused of weapons offences. But despite being released on bail, the legal challenge facing him and other members of the crew is far from over, as Grace Melody-Gardner reports.


Mother hears son's voice for the first time in six months

Tina Gelder talks to the mother and step-father of Ray Tindall from Hull who was released from a prison in India yesterday. Carole Edmonds has been able to hear her son's voice for the first time in six months.

Ray left a brief message after he and Nicholas Simpson from Cottingham, were released yesterday. The maritime security crew had been held on charges of weapons smuggling. A third former soldier, Paul Towers from Pocklington, has not yet been freed.

Former soldiers imprisoned in India released on bail

Ray Tindall who has been held in prison in India since October Credit: Family

Two East Yorkshire former soldiers have been released on bail from an Indian jail today.

Ray Tindall, who is from Hull, and former sergeant major Nicholas Simpson, originally from Cottingham, were among six British ex-soldiers who have been jailed since October.

They must remain in India while they fight to have charges against them dropped. Their colleague Paul Towers, who is from Pocklington, and was a member of the Parachute Regiment, is still imprisoned. He was the most senior member of the six British men on board.

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