Lendal Bridge restrictions are to be lifted

A controversial ban on cars using Lendal Bridge in York is to be lifted from this Saturday. It follows a huge backlash after 53,000 drivers were fined up to £60 each for breaching restrictions during a six month trial.

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Lendal Bridge re-opens to traffic as controversial ban is lifted

Lendal Bridge in York which is once again open to traffic Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Motorists are once again driving legally over York's Lendal Bridge after the council's controversial ban was lifted today.

The City of York Council's decision to abandon the restrictions came after the Government's traffic adjudicator ruled that the local authority had no power to impose fines on drivers crossing the bridge.

Lendal Bridge restrictions scrapped

The Labour run council in York has caved in to public pressure and scrapped the controversial traffic restrictions on the city's Lendal Bridge. More than fifty thousand drivers - many of them tourists - were given tickets for crossing the bridge during the day.

There've been calls for them to get their money back. But the council leader said today the authority was within its rights to impose the restrictions and for most there'd be no refunds. Chris Kiddey reports.


Lendal Bridge fines unlikely to be refunded

More than fifty thousand motorists fined for crossing York's Lendal Bridge are unlikely to get their money back.

City of York council has now decided to drop the controversial scheme to ban private cars in daytime from this weekend.

They insist it was only a trial and that they've listened to people's concerns. The council believes the scheme was lawful - and if that's the case drivers will be out if pocket.

Chris Kiddey has been speaking to Council Leader James Alexander:


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