Environmental protestors arrested in East Yorkshire

Environmental protestors have been arrested after barricading the entrance to a Rathlin Energy UK site at Crawbery Hill near Beverley. Bailiffs arrived this morning and began taking down a wooden tower which they constructed - but there was a standoff between police and protesters.

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Protesters arrested after standoff with police

Protesters say they will continue to camp at a location they claim could be used for fracking despite some of them being arrested. The site near Walkington in East Yorkshire is owned by Rathlin Energy UK. The company says it is not fracking - a controversial method of extracting underground shale gas - and does not intend to.

Earlier this week the High Court ruled that barricades blocking entry to the site would have to come down and this morning court enforcement officers moved in. There was a standoff as some protesters formed a human barricade. After several warnings from Humberside Police there was a number of arrested.

Rathlin has not been available for comment.


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