UK launches first airstrikes on Islamic State in Syria

British fighter jets have struck so-called Islamic State in Syria - just hours after MPs voted to approve military action in the war-torn country.

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Benn: Thoughts with brave men and women of RAF

Hilary Benn today said his thoughts are with the "brave men and women of the RAF" after being praised for his Commons speech calling on Labour to back extending military action against IS in Syria.

Speaking outside his home, the shadow foreign secretary refused to comment on the praise he had received for Wednesday night's speech, which Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said would "go down as one of the truly great speeches made in this House of Commons".


Hull MP gives 'unconditional support' to armed forces - despite voting against Syria bombing

Hull's MP says she will give her full backing to armed forces carrying out airstrikes in Syria - despite voting against them in the Commons tonight.

Diana Johnson was among around 223 MPs who voted against the raids after a 10 hour debate in the commons.

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Benn cheered for 'outstanding' speech backing airstrikes

Hilary Benn received huge applause and cheers from all sides of the House of Commons following his speech in favour of carrying out airstrikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.

Britain has a "moral and practical duty" to carry out airstrikes against IS in Syria, the shadow foreign secretary told MPs.

Mr Benn asked MPs whether they could stand aside and refuse to act fully, passing the responsibility for defending the UK's national security to other nations, when "we know they (IS) are plotting more attacks".

The Labour MP said: "I believe we have a moral and a practical duty to extend the action we are already taking in Iraq to Syria.

"We must now confront this evil. It is now time for us to do our bit in Syria."

Mr Benn said MPs should not "walk by on the other side" and must show solidarity with Britain's allies.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond praised Mr Benn's "outstanding" speech, saying it would "go down as one of the truly great speeches made in this House of Commons".

Mr Benn received huge applause at the end of his speech. Credit: HOC

David Davis MP: Syria bombing 'not achieving the aim intended'

The Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden, David Davis has told the Commons that he remains unconvinced that British involvement in air strikes on Syria is a good idea.

He told MPs debating the issue ahead of tonight's vote that the so-called Islamic State had grown stronger since a bombing campaign began in Syria.


Hull MP Alan Johnson outlines case for British air strikes in Syria

The Labour MP for Hull West and Hessle Alan Johnson has been stating his case for supporting British involvement in air strikes on Syria.

Mr Johnson told the Common that he believed that tonight's vote would not alter the so-called Islamic State's ability to plan and execute a terror attack on Britain.

Counter-terrorism training exercise being carried out in South Yorkshire

Emergency services from across Yorkshire are today testing procedures for dealing with multiple ‘major incidents’ in South Yorkshire.

Credit: South Yorkshire Police

‘Exercise Keep Valley’ will simulate the decontamination of people who have been covered in poisonous chemicals as part of a suspected terrorist attack.

The main activity will take place at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium- but another major incident simulated elsewhere in the county will test how fire services respond to more than one large scale event.

The exercise will involve staff and vehicles from all four fire and rescue services in Yorkshire & Humber, plus other partner agencies, to test the arrangements those organisations already have in place for supporting each other across traditional county borders.

The ‘incident’ will include the deployment of the fire service’s Detection, Identification and Monitoring and Mass Decontamination vehicles which carries showers-tents and emergency clothing.

A small area around the Keepmoat Stadium will be closed to the public so the specialist equipment can be deployed.

Hull MP Diana Johnson claims to have received threatening e-mail over Syria vote

The Labour MP for Hull North, Diana Johnson has taken to social media to reveal that she has received an e-mail threatening MPs who vote for air strikes in Syria.

Credit: Press Association

In a post on her Facebook page, she said she is saddened to have been sent an e-mail by an anonymous individual who claims to be a Labour Party member. The e-mail outlines a campaign of deselection against any MPs who support air strikes.

Those Labour Party MPs who vote for the bombing of Syria the Labour Party members will be lobbied to follow the following process.

Six months after the Vote on bombing Syria the Labour Party Members will lobby in the Constituency Labour Parties to move a vote of no confidence at constituencies meetings in those Labour Party MPs who vote to bomb Syria. If the Vote of no confidence is carried the MPs can then limp on until their selection at the next General Election when they will be deselected. During the 4 year period in the run up to the next general election the whole country will now of the no confidence in the MPs from their Labour Party constituencies. That is the least the Labour Party members will do to try to wash the blood from their hands of the innocent civilians which the bombs will surely kill.

– E-mail send to Diana Johnson MP
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