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Formal signing of Humber Growth deal

Humber growth deal Credit: PA

The formal signing of the Humber Growth Deal 2015 takes place in Grimsby today. The event marks the further award of almost ten million pounds from the Government to develop ten major projects on both banks of the Humber. This, along with major local investment will see just under £47 million of capital injection into the area.

The Minister for Universities and Science, the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, will be joined by Lord Haskins, chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, and leaders of the four Humber local authorities.


First generation of driverless cars

Engineers have revealed the first generation of driverless cars, which could be rolled out across the country in a matter of years. Today the Business Secretary gave more details on three projects taking place across the country - each benefiting from a share of £19 million in government cash. Yorkshire road safety campaigners have welcomed the developments - saying it could lead to safer roads for us all. Matt Price reports.

Free Wi-Fi for rail commuters

Rail passengers will benefit from free Wi-Fi on trains across England and Wales from 2017, Rail Minister Claire Perry announced today.

Train operators are being asked to set how they will meet the commitment to provide this important service for passengers. All train operators bidding for new franchises and direct award agreements will have to include this specification in their bid.

Where there is no new franchise agreement due in the next two years, almost £50 million of funding will be released from the Department for Transport to ensure Wi-Fi is available on selected services from 2017, including services operated by Great Northern.


Police forces support safer internet campaign

Police forces across the country are urging people to be vigilant online as part of Safer Internet Day.

Police forces across the country are urging people to be vigilant online as part of Safer Internet Day. Credit: Press Association

It is vital that everybody who goes online, or is responsible for someone who goes online, is aware of the potential risks. The internet is an amazing source of information, so long as you have the information you need to use it safely. Always have your wits about you and understand that what you see might not necessarily be what you get. A friendly 13 year old boy looking to strike up a friendship could be a 50 year old paedophile; an enticing and lucrative investment opportunity could be a con, designed to steal money from you. There are many ways you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cyber-crime, not least by educating yourself on internet safety.

– Detective Superintendent Dave Wood

Today is Safer Internet Day but sadly, the truth is that hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear some story about the dark power of the internet. There are so many different perils, from confidence tricks where people are sucked into losing money, to young people being groomed by sexual predators. There are huge positives to the internet but there are also some evil people out there with the potential to ruin your life.

– Alan Hardwick, Lincolnshire PCC
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