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Hull revellers urged to drink responsibly over festive period

A campaign has been launched in Hull to educate people about safe, responsible drinking over the festive period.

The message comes on the eve of so-called "Mad Friday", when thousands of revellers descend on city and town centre pubs and bars, on one of the busiest day's of the year for the police.

As part of today's campaign, visitors to Hull city centre were able to sample alcohol-free drinks at a pop-up pub, as Helen Steel reports.


No "last orders" for Elland Road

Elland Road , the home of Leeds United
Elland Road , the home of Leeds United Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Leeds United insist they have no plans to bring in an alcohol ban and that fans will continue to be able to enjoy a pint at Elland Road.

The club issued a statement making their position clear following a newspaper report that one Leeds director, Salem Patel, had proposed an alcohol ban to reflect the Muslim beliefs of owners GFH Capital, the Dubai-based subsidiary of a Bahraini Islamic investment bank.

However, Leeds managing director David Haigh said that was not the case. He said: "The board has never discussed banning alcohol and has no plans to change the current licensing arrangements at Elland Road.

"Enjoying a pint before and after watching the match is a time-honoured Yorkshire tradition as indeed it is among many British football fans.

"Equally the club will continue to offer a selection of wines and other alcoholic drinks to our corporate guests."

Public outcry sees free gym pass plans shelved

Plans to give free gym passes to drunken troublemakers in Hull have been shelved following a public outcry over the scheme.

Hull Citysafe wanted almost thirty thousand pounds from a wider police authority grant to mentor criminals - turning them away from drinking to what was called the natural high of exercise.

But the plans brought a backlash from the public and Taxpayers Alliance who claimed it was merely rewarding criminal behaviour. Now the police authority has decided to award the money - as long as none of it is spent on gym passes.


"Please drink responsibly" says Yorkshire Ambulance Service

With the first England match fast approaching, Yorkshire Ambulance Service is urging football fans to drink responsibly and stay safe during the 2012 European Football Championships. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of accidents in the UK.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service is asking people to be aware of the dangers of drinking too much and to take extra care of themselves and others.

The service also warns that the associated risks of heavy drinking can also lead to a rise in assaults, including those against ambulance staff, and incidents involving domestic violence. The ambulance service says:

  • Only call 999 for an ambulance in a medical emergency
  • For advice and treatment for non-emergencies people should consider visiting their local GP, pharmacist or drop-in centre, or calling NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

We are not saying people shouldn’t enjoy themselves, but unfortunately ambulance clinicians have to pick up the pieces following alcohol-fuelled incidents and our valuable life-saving resources are often caught up responding to these calls which perhaps could have been avoided."

– Dr Dave Macklin, Associate Medical Director at Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Red card for drink drivers

To coincide with Euro 2012 police throughout the region are starting drink drive campaigns.

In North Yorkshire a fast-track court system will be in place to make sure anyone who is found drink and drug driving is banned from the roads quickly.

Police are targeting drink drivers over the summer Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Targeted patrols will be carried out and people are being asked to report anyone suspected of drink or drug driving to the police or anonymously to Crimestoppers.

Primary school children drinking

New figures show an alarming number of primary school children have been hospitalised in Leeds after drinking alcohol.

Eight 11-year-olds were hospitalised for drinking

Figures from the city's Teaching Hospital Trust show eight 11-year-olds were taken to accident and emergency over the two years between 2010 and 2011. The freedom of information request also found a total of seven hundred teenagers needed help after drinking too much - over the same period.

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