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Hammond: loss of life appalling

The Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said the government has been told the hostage situation at a gas plant in Algeria has ended but has resulted in "further loss of life".

Mr Hammond described the loss of life as a result of the terrorist attack as "appalling and unacceptable."

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Hostage situation"top priorty" vows Government

The Algerian hostage crisis will remain the Government's "top priority" until every British national at the BP gas plant is accounted for, Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed today.

Around 10 UK workers at the remote desert complex are thought still to be "at risk" as Algerian special forces continue to hunt the site for the remaining terrorists.

It comes after news emerged that one Briton freed from the kidnappers is believed to be father of four from West Yorkshire Martin Johnson. For the latest information on the hostage situation click here

Freed West Yorkshire hostage a father of four

Freed hostage Martin Johnson, from Todmorden, is thought to be a 62-year-old father of four who works as a motor engineer.

Interviewed by Algerian television, he said: "I think they did a fantastic job, I was very impressed with the Algerian army. I feel sorry for anybody who's been hurt."

And an unnamed Briton who was also freed said the "gendarmes did a fantastic job, kept us all nice and safe and fought off the bad guys. I never really felt any danger, to be honest".

West Yorkshire hostage "impressed" with Algerian soldiers who freed him

Martin Johnson from Todmorden has been freed from the hostage crisis

One Briton freed from the hostage crisis in Algeria is believed to be Martin Johnson, a father from Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

The Algerian state-run APS news agency says about 60 foreigners are being held, with about 650 hostages freed.

A number of freed Britons, including Mr Johnson, have been pictured on Algerian TV, where he said he was impressed by Algerian soldiers who battled with the militants.