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Sheffield's RSPCA crisis

Sheffield's biggest animal rescue centre may have to stop taking in any more abandoned pets as it grapples with a dire financial crisis.

The RSPCA centre in Attercliffe needs £2000 every day just to keep going. But a fall in the amount of money coming in from legacies and the recession mean it could be forced to turn animals away by the autumn if new sources of funding aren't found - as manager Stella White told us.

State of the art Giraffe enclosure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Giraffes are the latest animals to be joining Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster - and will live in a £350,000 state-of-the-art enclosure. The first four giraffes which will include two endangered Rothschild's Giraffe, will arrive in October.

The innovative design of their enclosure, which can house up to 16 giraffes, will be ground breaking - with an indoor viewing platform at ground level where visitors will be only 1m away from the animals as well as a eye to eye viewing from a 8m high platform.

"We are absolutely delighted to announce that the new Giraffe enclosure will be opening soon look forward to welcoming the giraffes which include endangered Rothschilds...Whilst the enclosure will hold a bachelor group of males initially, we hope in time that we will be able to set up a breeding group in the future."

– Director Cheryl Williams


Video: Owners of dangerous dogs face tougher laws

Owners of dangerous dogs are facing tougher penalties. If your dog injures someone in a public place you could now face a prison sentence of up to eighteen months.

But, even if no-one's injured, owners could get six months if the dog is deemed to be out of control. Shania Bannister from Chesterfield had to have her face rebuilt after she was savaged by a Japanese Akita. Her mum says the new measures still don't go far enough.

Vandals target horse sanctuary four times in a fortnight

A horse sanctuary in Bradford is struggling to cope after being repeatedly hit by vandals. The latest attack, on Sunday, could have ended in tragedy after the vandals set fire to a caravan by the side of the stables.

The fire service said if the wind had just been a little stronger or the fire had been spotted just a few minutes later, some of the 28 horses would have died.

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