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Calls for tougher fines for drivers who flout law

Fines should be higher for selfish drivers Credit: Calendar news

It is claimed the vast majority of drivers want to see much higher fines and tougher enforcement to tackle the subculture of risky and selfish motorists who repeatedly flout laws and get away with it.

A survey by the Huddersfield-based charity Brake and Direct Line revealed nearly eight in ten drivers (78%) are in favour of fines of £200 or more for traffic offences such as speeding, using a mobile phone, or careless driving.

This is more than double the potential increase to £90 set out in recent government proposals. Half of those surveyed think fines should be £500 or more. Drivers are also fed up with habitual offenders, who use loopholes to keep their licence.

More than three in four (78%) think it's wrong that some drivers who tot up 12 points are allowed to dodge a ban under an 'exceptional hardship' clause. In October 2011, Brake revealed that more than 10,000 drivers in England and Wales were driving with 12 points or more on their licence.