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Jail for tent attack man

scene of the attack in Barlby Credit: Calendar news

A landscape gardener from Selby in North Yorkshire has been jailed for four years after he drove his van at teenagers camping in a field. Twenty five year old Benjamin Allerton wept in the deck as he was sentenced at York Crown Court for two counts of grevious bodily harm.

The court heard that Allerton had been drunk when he had tried to join a group of teenangers camping in fields at Barlby. He had thrown petrol on their campfire and felled trees with a chainsaw he took from his van.

He later drove the vehicle into a tent, injuring a 16 year old boy and leaving a 13 year old girl with bruising. The judge said it gave him no pleasure whatsoever to jail Allerton as he was a person of positive good character and his character reference had been "afffectionate, indeed glowing."


Boy Run Over in Tent

A 16 year old boy has been run over while he was inside atent in Barlby near Selby** in North Yorkshire. Police were called out at 3.55am thismorning to a field where a group of teenagers were camping near York Road and the River Ouse.

A man who had approached the group and chatted with them before threatening to run over the tent, later returned in a white van. Most of the group managed to get out of the way, but the 16 year old boy who was still in the tent ended up with serious injuries.

He is being treated at York District Hospital.

This is a disturbing incident which has resulted in a teenager sustaining serious injuries. It is vital that we obtain as much information as possible of the events leading up to the incident.

– Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson