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Charlie's father: He didn't get scooter skills from me

An extraordinary boy from Barnsley is taking the scooting world by storm, after competing and winning against boys twice his age - but his dad says he did not inherit the talent from him.

Young Charlie Dyson only took up the sport 14 months ago and is just six years old.

ITV Calendar reporter Sarah Clark went to meet him:


Six-year-old Charlie scoots to success

Six-year-old Charlie Dyson from Barnsley is taking the scooting world by storm.

Despite only taking up the sport 14 months ago, Charlie is competing at a national level and has won competitions against boys twice his age:

His father Andy says his son's talent certainly does not come from him, but that Charlie spends hours practicing:

To see more about Charlie and his scooting skills, tune in to ITV Calendar tonight at 6pm.

Barnsley couple's bid to become parents

A couple who have spent everything they have on five unsuccessful rounds of IVF treatment have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the emotional distress caused by infertility.

Initially told she had months to live, Laura Pye won her battle with aplastic anaemia and cancer only to discover the diseases had left her unable to conceive naturally.

Now she and husband Chris from Barnsley hope to begin a charity to help childless couples. Victoria Whittam reports.

Husband turns sculptor to fund IVF

A man from Barnsley has turned sculptor in a desperate bid to raise funds and awareness for IVF treatment.

Laura and Chris Pye hope to sell the sculptures to raise money for more IVF Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Laura Pye was told in 2007 that she had months to live. After overcoming the disease, she discovered it had left her unable to conceive naturally. Now her husband Chris has developed an unusual talent for creating sculptures from old tyres and hopes to be able to sell them.

Each round of IVF costs £6,000 because they need to use donor eggs.

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Mother appeals for "hit and run" driver to come forward

Blake Bailey was hit last Wednesday

The mother of a teenager who was seriously injured in a hit and run accident has appealed for the driver of the car to come forward.

At around 10.10pm on Wednesday 17th September, 16-year-old Blake Bailey and 15-year-old Jessica Green were walking along Barrowfield Road in Barnsley when they were hit by a car, which did not stop at the scene.

“It’s been terrible for the family, we are devastated. Blake is such a lovely lad, he would help anybody.

“We have had lots of support from family and friends but I just can’t understand what’s happened.

“All I’m asking for is to find who did it. Just come forward.”

– Michelle Bailey, Blake's mother

The vehicle, thought to be a dark-coloured and small, was travelling towards Goldthorpe. The front of the car may have been damaged.

Blake is in hospital being treated for serious injuries including a head injury that required surgery as well as fractures to his leg, pelvis and shoulder.

Jessica sustained minor injuries during the incident.


Barnsley WW2 vet moves Andy Burnham to tears

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has been moved to tears ahead of his conference speech by a Second World War veteran who warned his poverty-stricken past would be others' future if the NHS did not survive.

91-year-old Harry Smith, who grew up in a "barbarous, bleak and uncivilised" Barnsley slum, received several standing ovations as he told his story to the annual party conference in Manchester.

He called voting for Labour and the creation of the health service in the 1945 General Election one of the proudest moments of his life.

"I felt I was finally getting a chance to grasp destiny by the shirt collar," he said.

And he sent a stern warning to David Cameron - "Keep you mitts of my NHS".

Harry Smith and Andy Burnham MP Credit: Press Association

Mr Smith, whose sister died from TB and was buried in a paupers' pit, went on: "In my heart, I can still feel my mum and dad's desperation as they were trying to keep our family safe and healthy in the slum we called home.

"Common disease controlled our neighbourhood and snuffed out life like a cold breath on a warm candlelit flame.

"I still remember while out playing as a child on my front step the anguished cries that floated from a nearby neighbour's window.

"They were screams from a woman dying from cancer who couldn't afford morphine to ease her passage from this life."

He said his heart was with both those of his generation who did not make it past childhood and the people of the present.

"People ... who because of the welfare cuts and austerity measures are struggling once more make to ends meet and whose futures I fear for," he added.

"Today we must be vigilant. We must never ever let the NHS free from our grasp because if we do, your future will be my past.

"My life is your history and we should keep it that way.

"So say it loud and say in clear in this hall and across this country, Mr Cameron keep your mitts my NHS."

Woman and children 'threatened' by burglars

Police have released an efit image of a man who carried out an aggravated burglary at a house in Barnsley.

Efit of suspect Credit: South Yorkshire Police

At 9.20pm yesterday, police believe that two men entered an address on Gypsy Lane, and allegedly threatened a woman and two children. It is thought the men carrying firearms.

They stole a quantity of cash and electrical items.

The first man is described as white, between 25 to 30-years-old with a wide set jaw with ginger/brown stubble and he is thought to have a Sheffield/Doncaster accent.

The second man is described as also between 25 to 30-years-old, 6ft tall and of slim build, with a foreign accent.

Man suffers serious head injuries in mobility scooter crash

A mobility scooter user in Barnsley suffered serious head injuries after he was involved in a crash with a car.

Police appeal for witnesses to mobility scooter crash

It happened at around 12.30 on the afternoon of Sunday 14 September.

The scooter and the car, an eight-seater Vauxhall Vivaro, are thought to have been travelling the same direction on Smithies Lane when the crash happened.

The man driving the scooter, a 58-year-old Barnsley man, was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The 51-year-old Barnsley man driving the Vauxhall was not injured.

Police are appealing for anyone who saw the crash to contact them.

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