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Parents of missing Russell Bohling say East Yorkshire bunker wasn't properly searched

The family of a teenager who's been missing for nearly 3 years claim Humberside police lied to them when they said they'd done all they could to find him.

Russell Bohling's car was found near a former military bunker in East Yorkshire which his parents say was not thoroughly searched. They fear his body could be lying there, undiscovered.


Gannets at Bempton Cliffs

Looking lonesome, but this Gannet is one of more than 11,000 breeding pairs at the site Credit: Pauline Chilton

Experts say there are now 11,061 breeding pairs of Gannets in the breeding colony at Bempton Cliffs. This means a 40% increase since the last survey in 2009.

When the research first began in 1969, there were only 22 breeding pairs at the site.

The researchers also counted 798 non-breeding birds, which, when they are old enough to find mates, will add to the numbers.