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114 calls to South Yorkshire Police following Ben Needham appeal on Greek TV

South Yorkshire police officers who are investigating the disappearance of Ben Needham nearly 25 years ago say they are following up 114 calls made after they appeared on a Greek TV programme last night.

The show, 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' on Alpha TV in Athens, is dedicated to missing people.

Detective Inspector Jon Cousins says they received "information of interest," following their appearance. They are continuing to look into a claim that Ben's name was changed to Andreas and he was with a man called Nicos two years after he vanished.


Holidaymakers urged to check for Ben Needham footage

Organisers of the Facebook page dedicated to the search for missing Sheffield toddler Ben Needham are urging holidaymakers to check old holiday films if they were in Kos in 1991.

Could you have filmed missing Ben?

In a recent meeting with Calendar producer Mark Witty, Ben's grandmother recalled a tourist filming Ben at the Palm Beach Hotel in Kos - but that person has never been traced.

Christine believes the woman, who was aged approximately between 30-45, was possibly Scandinavian, based on her accent. She had long blonde hair tied up in a bun. Christine recalls Ben being filmed as he played by the hotel pool in June or July 1991.

Ben went missing on July 24 1991, as he played outside a farmhouse on the Greek island which was being renovated by his grandfather Eddie. Ben had been taken to the location in Irakles by Christine on the day he disappeared.

Messages in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are being posted on Facebook and social media by "Help Find Ben Needham" in an attempt to reach Scandinavian tourists who may have been in Kos in the summer of 1991. Click here to be directed to the Facebook page.

Kerry Needham: Ben investigation going well

Kerry Needham spoke to Gaynor Barnes in our studio about the latest developments in Greece, as well as the "Thunderclap" social media campaign by Ben's Facebook team, which has reached more than a million people.

She also spoke of how she has coped since March, when she visited Greece to meet a man who thought he was Ben.

DNA sadly proved this was not the case.

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