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60 exhibits found in search for missing Ben Needham

Police have revealed that 60 exhibits found over the last fortnight on farmland where Ben Needham was last seen are to be brought back to South Yorkshire for further analysis.

None of them is said to be of major significance and will not be rushed back to Sheffield for examination.

On day 14 of the search, work sifting through earth dug up from the olive grove on site one came to an end.

However, truck loads of spoil and waste from site two - a dumping ground used by digger driver Dino Barkas, who's been implicated in Ben's disappearance - have been taken to the farmhouse to be examined.

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South Yorkshire Police opt to demolish farmhouse extension

On day nine of the search for Ben Needham on the Greek island of Kos, South Yorkshire Police have taken the dramatic decision to demolish part of the farmhouse near where the toddler was last seen.

It's an extension that was not built when Ben went missing 25-years-ago.

The detective in charge of the search has thanked the family that owns the property for allowing them to go ahead with the demolition.

Duncan Wood reports:

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