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South Yorkshire Police opt to demolish farmhouse extension

On day nine of the search for Ben Needham on the Greek island of Kos, South Yorkshire Police have taken the dramatic decision to demolish part of the farmhouse near where the toddler was last seen.

It's an extension that was not built when Ben went missing 25-years-ago.

The detective in charge of the search has thanked the family that owns the property for allowing them to go ahead with the demolition.

Duncan Wood reports:

Search for Ben Needham in Kos enters ninth day

Farmhouse at centre of investigation in Kos Credit: Press Association

The search for Ben Needham at the Kos farmhouse where he was last seen more than 25 years ago has entered its ninth day.

South Yorkshire police revealed yesterday that they want to demolish an extension to the building built after Ben disappeared in July 1991.

Detectives have spoken to the owner and are awaiting a decision before moving in.

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