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Fury over killer's release

Eight members of the Chishti family perished in the fire Credit: family photo

A man who killed eight people in an arson attack in Huddersfield ten years ago has been freed from prison. Nazar Hussain was one of a gang who petrol bombed the home of the Chishti family in Birkby.

The decision to release him just half-way through his 18-year sentence has been condemned by both survivors and relatives of those who died. He has been released on licence after a Parole Board review - despite vehement objections being lodged with the board.

Cannabis plants in Birkby

Police have found 50 mature cannabis plants at a house in Birkby. A landlord discovered the plants when he was carrying out a routine check of a property on Bradcroft Road.

Neighbourhood Inspector Mohammed Rauf said enquires are ongoing and the plants will be tested but initial checks confirmed 50 mature cannabis plants.


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