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Extra policing for controversial demonstrations

There will be extra police officers in Rotherham today ahead of demonstrations taking place in the town. The British National Party is expected to hold a demonstration on Thornhill playing fields next to the former B & Q store this afternoon.

United Against Fascism will also be holding a demonstration on land off College Road in Rotherham this afternoon.

Police believe upto one hundred people will attend each event. South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Borough Council say they are grateful for the support of local business, residents, and the community who have worked towards trying to minimise disruption to the town centre.

Andrew Brons resigns from BNP

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP Andrew Brons has announced he has resigned from the British National Party.

He cites feeling marginalised and changes within the party as his reasons behind his decision.

The current Chairman of the rump BNP has described me in a text to his attack dogs as ‘vermin’. More recently, he described me as a ‘state agent’ – a description he attached to me twenty-six years ago but which obviously did not apply when he appointed me as the lead candidate in Yorkshire for the European elections.


He says he will "continue to promote the policies on which I was elected in debates in the European Parliament and in releases for the British and foreign media."