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Man found dead inside house in Boston

A man has been found dead inside a house in Boston. Police went to the house on Woodville Road in the town on Sunday February 1, 2015.

Tests are to be carried out to find out how he died and who he is. Until then his death is being treated as unexplained.

A 28-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.


Boston town centre among first in country to ban street drinking

Boston Borough Council is among the first in the country to introduce new legislation declaring the town centre streets drink-free.

New public space protection order in Boston town centre Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Anyone found drinking alcohol on streets in a designated area can now be ordered by a police officer to stop drinking or surrender the drink.

Under new rules any person failing to stop drinking when requested will be committing an offence and could be fined up to £500.

Boston Borough Councillor Stephen Woodliffe, said the move will be fully supported by Lincolnshire Police who would enforce it in the town centre.

The new rules replace the former DPPO (Designated Public Places Order) – in place since 2007 - which only allowed for removal of alcohol and offenders by police if connected with anti-social behaviour.

New signs go up in Boston banning street drinking

New sign in Boston banning people drinking in the streets Credit: ITV Yorkshire

New signs have been put up in Boston town centre banning people from drinking on the streets. The decision comes after feedback from the public which revealed overwhelming support for the introduction of the New Public Space Protection Order.

Anyone found drinking in the designated area can be ordered by a police officer to stop or surrender the drink or incur a £500 fine.


Ban on drinking alcohol in Boston streets

Lincolshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, says he believes a ban on drinking alcohol on streets in parts of Boston can be policed properly without becoming a burden on resources. It'll come into force next month and offenders will face a fine if they resist attempts to have their drink confiscated. The council says it made the decision with the backing of local people, and will be working with the police to enforce it. Michael Billington reports.

Booze ban for Boston town centre streets

Drinking alcohol on the streets of Boston could land you with a fine from the new year.

The Lincolnshire town is one of the first in the country to ban booze on the streets.

And anyone caught breaking the ban, which will be introduced from january the 12th will be fined a hundred pounds for a first offence and up to 500 pounds for repeat offences.

Councillors, including Councillor Stephen Woodliffe , who approved it this week, say they'd like to see a borough-wide ban but don't have the manpower to enforce it.

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